Listen & Cook: The Way of Chai
November 13, 2023

Listen & Cook: A Signature Sip From The Way of Chai

Erin Murphy By Erin Murphy

Kevin Wilson is an expert on all things chai: half a million people have followed him online for the useful guidance on how to make chai, but stay for his wise meditations on how the perfect “cuppa” can soothe and sustain us in so many different ways.

 As a teenager in America, a world away from so many of his loved ones in Sri Lanka, Wilson stayed connected to his culture and his family through chai.

We’re so pleased to share the recipe that so many have come to know Wilson for: his perfect, signature cup of chai. While you crush cardamom, cloves, peppercorns, and cinnamon bark, press play on The Way of Chai, narrated by Kevin himself, and learn how a cup of chai can help us tap into the power of patience, clarity, and intention.

Listen to a clip of The Way of Chai: