Listen and Craft: Decoupage Candles
March 20, 2024

Make Decoupage Candles for a Festive Spring Table

Juliette DeSena By Juliette De Sena

I have always been very crafty, and the spring season gets me in the mood to put away the winter decorations and start decorating for the warmer weather. With Easter around the corner, I am looking for new ways to decorate for the holiday, and this year, it’s decoupage candles for the dinner table. This is a great DIY craft where you can use any pattern you like to help elevate your tablescape for all seasons and holidays, or even give as a gift. Below are the instructions, along with some audiobook recommendations to keep you company while you craft.


  • White or cream pillar candles
  • Paper cocktail napkins in designs of your choice (separating them so you are only using the top layer of designed paper)
  • Parchment paper
  • Hair dryer 
Decoupage candles 1

Step 1: Make sure your candles are clean and remove any stickers.

Step 2: The cocktail napkins are usually 2-ply. Peel off the back layer, which does not have the designs, and wrap around the candle. I like to keep only ¼ inch to overlap and cut off the excess.

Decoupage candles 2Decoupage candles 3

Step 3: Once you have the napkin wrapped around the candle, wrap a layer of parchment paper around the candle and napkin to protect your fingers from hot wax, and the napkin doesn’t tear. 

Step 4: Start on one side of the candle and start heating it up with the hair dryer. As the candle melts, press the napkin to the candle so it sticks. Continue doing this around the candle until all sides are done. 

Step 5: Remove the parchment paper and heat any spots where the napkin hasn’t adhered to the candle with the hairdryer. Be careful not to burn your fingers when touching the hot wax. 

Step 6: Let the candles sit for 5 minutes to cool, and cut the excess napkin on the top and bottom of the candle.

You’re done – enjoy your beautiful spring table!

Decoupage candles 5

Listen while you craft:

Two romances and a thriller—what could be better while you dabble in decoupage?