Listen and Cook: THE GIMLET SLIP
March 5, 2024

Shake it Up: A Sip From The Gimlet Slip

Erin Murphy By Erin Murphy

New York, 1933: America is in its second decade of Prohibition, and its citizens have never been thirstier.

In The Gimlet Slip, a first-on-audio production, Lydia Gardiner is the queenpin of a criminal empire, who deals in all the city’s favorite vices—illegal liquor, drugs, women. She rules with an iron fist, a cold heart, and a knack for beating her coarse male counterparts at their own game. Jo Hayes is an impulsive young woman determined to forge a life as an auto mechanic, but instead finds herself drawn into Lydia’s orbit.

In 2024, however, Prohibition is a thing of the past, making it perfectly legal for those of us 21 and over to whip up a boozy beverage while we listen to the grit and glamour of yesteryear.

Enter Fiona Davis and Greg Wands: co-authors of The Gimlet Slip who also teamed up behind the bar to make us a round of gimlets fit for the Plaza in this special “Listen & Sip” installment of our Listen & Cook series.

Fiona and Greg shared their Gimlet Slip recipe for imbibers to make at home: while you juice your grapefruits and limes, fall into billiard halls and glitzy soirees alongside Lydia and Jo. As you pour your gimlet into a chilled coupe glass, they’ll try to take down the city’s biggest bootlegger without tipping off the NYPD. And when you take your first sip, our leading ladies will learn that nothing is quite what it seems in New York society, and everyone has a hidden agenda.

Listen to a clip from The Gimlet Slip