These Audiobooks Are Made for Walking
April 3, 2024

These Audiobooks Are Made for Walking

Becca Stumpf By Becca Stumpf

Most of us know that a leisurely stroll (or a brisk trot) is a great way to relieve stress and sneak a little cardio into the day. But book-loving bipeds do it one better: they read while they walk. And so for all you avid amblers out there, here are a few audiobooks that will make especially pleasant listening companions on your next quick jaunt or long trek—from tips on how to (literally) walk the walk, to true crime tales and full-cast thrillers. So are you ready books? Start walkin’!

Motivation to get movin’

52 Ways to Walk is a short, zippy audiobook guide to attaining the full range of benefits that walking has to offer—physical, spiritual, and emotional—and includes the latest scientific research on what rocks about walks.

For true crime podcast lovers

A tale of murder on the high seas. A gruesome crime that divides a small farming town. If you find yourself craving more from your regular roster of true crime podcasts, these fascinating and chilling audiobooks will not disappoint.

For business-minded bipeds

Up your cardio game and your career game when you listen to these audiobooks.

Keep pace with your book club

Be ready for your next book club with the audio bestellers everyone’s talking about.

Suspenseful full cast productions

These chill-inducing audiobooks—each read by a full cast of narrators—will keep you on your toes.