7 High Seas Audiobook Adventures for Dad
June 3, 2024

7 High Seas Audiobook Adventures for Dad

Becca Stumpf By Becca Stumpf

Avast ye, me hearties! Splice the mainbrace and pull up a barrel, for there are things landlubbers just don’t understand. The thrall of the sea, the tug of a sail like heartstring, the camaraderie among sea-faring folk. And ah yes, the roiling tempests, the mortal reckonings, the murderous mayhem. To say nothing of the world beneath the waves…

Lovely and lethal, the open ocean – and its measureless depths – inspires the mightiest of mighty fine tales. Perfect for Father’s Day and summer listening, check out these nautical, gnarly, and down-right swashbuckling audiobook adventures of the high seas…and the souls who sail above and swim below the waves.

Batten down the hatches, listen to yonder clips, and set sail!