Horror Audiobooks for Latin and Hispanic Heritage Month
October 5, 2023

7 Horror Audiobooks to Haunt Your Latin and Hispanic Heritage Month Playlist

Becca Stumpf By Becca Stumpf

It’s spooky season, and even for the flintiest horror and suspense fans, there’s something about listening to creepy stories in the lead-up to Halloween that just…hits different. And with Latin and Hispanic Heritage Month in full swing (until October 15!), there’s simply no better time to get your scream on. Check out these jump-scare worthy audiobooks from Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Isabel Cañas, Mariana Enriquez, and more authors who delight in fright. From haunted estates to tales of the occult, after you listen to these clips, you’re going to want to make like a vampire’s familiar and get sucked in.