Audiobook Gift Ideas for Teens
December 19, 2023

Audiobook Gift Ideas for Teens

Becca Stumpf By Becca Stumpf

There may be no tougher crowd or more discerning audience than teen book fans, so when it comes to recommending audiobooks for this crew, we’re not messing around. From BookTok phenomena and blockbuster fantasy fiction to non-fiction to help with stress and fuel creativity, here are our download-ready audio gifting picks for teens.


“Twenty years after Eragon, Gerard Doyle’s familiar and compelling voice returns to narrate Murtagh,” (AudioFile) and the result is an Earphones Award-winning fantasy of epic proportions. Is a dark version of Victorian London more up your giftee’s lamp-lit street? The Spirit Bares Its Teeth won’t disappoint. Clock these and more stand-outs for fantasy fans below.

Horror & Suspense

If you know a teen horror buff, then you know when it comes to their book choices, the creepier the better. So let’s just say: these audiobooks are calling from inside the house.


Attack of the swoons! For historical fiction lovers (ahem, The Davenports, Audible Best of 2023) and fans of more contemporary romps (psst, Check & Mate, Audible Best of 2023), these starry-eyed audiobooks are pure fun and feel-good vibes.


The holiday season can be intense, and for teens struggling with stress, these non-fiction listens can serve as both a resource and inspiration on how to channel deep feelings into creativity and activism.