Summer Solstice Horoscopes
June 18, 2024

Audiobook Horoscopes for the Summer Solstice

Erin Murphy By Erin Murphy

The summer solstice steadily approaches, and our air conditioners are cranked to the “arctic” setting. June 20th, 2024 marks the official first day of summer, the longest day of the year, and the beginning of Cancer season. All over, people take part in different rituals to welcome in the warmth: some folks take to Stonehenge to watch the sun rise, others create bundles of fresh summer herbs, and some host good old fashioned barbecues, heavy on the watermelon and cherries.

If you’ve been wondering how you’re going to spend the extra minutes of sunlight, look no further than these audiobook recs picked especially for your zodiac sign. They’ll be happy to keep you company.


Happy birthday to everyone’s fave crustacean! You deserve many gifts this season, tangible and not, from yourself and others (we’ve already got our best people working on digging up The Heart of the Ocean diamond just for you). Let your friends celebrate you, buy a new outfit to wear when your friends celebrate you, and maybe throw in a facial for good measure. Inside and out, you’ll be aglow.

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Summer is when you come alive! You are solar-powered for sure, lion heart.
You are, metaphorically and maybe actually, jumping through sprinklers, sipping frozen beverages, and lounging on the beach. You are everyone’s summer-spiration and you should continue behaving as such. Don’t ignore your responsibilities, but perhaps for the season you can prioritize the sun and your joy.

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Don’t even try to tell me you don’t have your summer planned already, little Virgo! I just know every beach day is mapped out to the tee. But might I encourage you to leave some room for spontaneity? Go on with your pre-paid outings and your menu-ed barbecues, but keep your eyes open for new friends (or flirtations) while you’re out and about. You never know where they may lead.

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For you, summer doesn’t mean goofing off: wildly enough, you are all about the hustle. Whether you’re eyeballing a new job or thinking of starting a weekend lemonade stand, chances are that you’ve already been secretly planning, so it’s time to put what you’ve been noodling on into action.

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Hello, saucy Scorp! I’ll cut right to the chase: the reason for your season is summer love. It’s the season of flings and dalliances, so you don’t have to rush into a relationship, but don’t be afraid to get a little flirty with it. You’re known for being intense, but this doesn’t have to be that! Think less merging souls, more two straws in a milkshake.

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Being the happy-go-lucky friend who flits about like a social butterfly is fun, but I implore you to have your silly summer fun with the buddies that are already around you. You don’t have to have 24/7 deep conversations to show your love and loyalty: you’d be surprised how close you can feel to your friends after eating hot dogs at a baseball game or playing cards at a bar picnic table.

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I understand you, sea goat: summer just isn’t your season. You’re a winter baby through and through. You may feel the seasonal blues kicking in, so make sure you have a contingency plan. Stockpile movies that evoke the cooler months and crank up the AC, or if you’re looking for something slightly less literal, make sure you have the things (and people) that make you feel more you within arm’s reach.

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That summer solstice energy has you raring. To. Go! You’re getting those steps in, you’re stretching, you’re maybe even drinking a protein shake or two. As a creature who usually resides in their own head, this is new for you. But a good new! Use the motivation you’re feeling to shop around a little before you settle on your new favorite exercise–who’s to say you won’t get really into mini trampolines?

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It must be something in the water (sign), because this Cancer season you are full of flair. Really sell it: add some new pieces to your wardrobe, go visit exhibits and see movies that are tailor-made for your interests, and say yes to any and all social invitations. You’re you, operating at level 200. Look out, cosmos!


You have something big on the horizon: A milestone birthday? A wedding? A once in a lifetime trip? A regency-era inspired ball after some recent binge watching? My advice: start planning sooner rather than later. Something tells me this will need a little more detail attention than your usual capers. It’ll also make the big event less overwhelming, and you’ll have time to devote to the people and things in your day-to-day.

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This summer, I encourage you to find your third space (a place that isn’t home or your work). It make feel a little daunting, but I want you to find someplace you feel as comfortable as you do in your abode: a favorite beach you visit weekly? A yoga class you take thrice a week? A park bench you walk to daily?
Invite other people to join you in this quest. You’ll get to see your peeps and keep your inner sanctum peaceful.

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Happy belated, angel face! Did you feel it? There was something so joyful about Gem season this year, wasn’t there? It’s left you feeling grounded. This isn’t usually the Gemini way (you’re a little more into spunk). Even if you’re solid, it doesn’t mean you have to sit still like a stone. In fact, it might be the perfect time to tackle something that’s been hanging over you. Start your research, begin painting, make a spreadsheet. You’re ready.

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