Summer Fridays staff picks
May 23, 2024

PRHA Staff Roundup: Our Summer Friday Listens

Erin Murphy By Erin Murphy

Memorial Day is behind us, which means that summer Fridays for those of us at PRH Audio have begun! Inspired by Summer Fridays by Suzanne Rindell, a romance set in 1990’s New York City in which a twentysomething publishing assistant embarks on some unexpected afternoon adventures with unlikely company, I asked our staffers what they’ll have in their headphones on their next half-day, and what makes their pick the perfect audiobook to kick off their summer.

Such Sharp Teeth by Rachel Harrison

Such Sharp Teeth by Rachel Harrison is the perfect summer Friday listen if you, like me, crave a little monstrosity, mayhem, and humor in your summer reading. Perfect for fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and fun horror movies like Ginger Snaps!”–Alex Hernandez, Publicist

Nonna Maria and the Case of the Lost Treasure by Lorenzo Carcaterra

“I love listening to a cozy mystery while exploring a new city on foot, which is exactly what I’ll be doing on our first summer Friday. ” —Kate Smith, Publicist

Ready or Not by Cara Bastone

“I’ve had Cara Bastone’s Ready or Not on my TBR for a while and the long weekend is the perfect opportunity to squeeze in a light and breezy spring read before I revisit my summer thrillers era. I 100% judged a book by its cover in the best way possible! The drop-dead gorgeous cover drew me in, but the audiobook narration kept me locked in.”–Jasmin Ayala, Social Media & Special Projects Associate

Blood at the Root by LaDarrion Williams

“I’ll be finishing Blood at the Root by LaDarrion Williams, read by Jalyn Hall! I am loving the way Jalyn brings Malik to life with his authentic Black southern twang. And LaDarrion, with his playwriting background, has been transporting me to the hot and humid swamplands of the deep south with his vivid descriptions of the setting. I can’t wait to hear how the book ends!”–Dakota Cohen, Marketing Manager

While We Were Burning by Sara Kofi

“I am kicking off this Memorial Day weekend with While We Were Burning, a dark thriller that examines the intersection of race, class, and female friendship, and the devastating consequences of everyday actions. What better way is there to spend a long weekend than listening to gasp-inducing scenes and sensational twists? Also, I love a full cast audiobook and this one is read by three different actors: Henriette Zoutomou, Karissa Vacker and Louisa Zhu.”–Alexis Patterson, Associate Marketing Director

All Fours by Miranda July

“Just like I’ve been chomping at the bit for park picnics and days at the beach, I have been not-so-patiently waiting for Miranda July’s new novel, All Fours to come out. It has so many themes I love: women chasing freedom, absurdism, funny and weird but tender human intimacy. Plus, it’s narrated by Miranda herself. Starting a new season with a new novel by one of my favorite authors feels so right–I’m jazzed to give this one my first summer Friday.”–Erin Murphy, Associate Marketing Manager